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Vietnam Cassia Production in 2015 - 2016 - 3,500 Tons
Vietnam Cassia Production in 2014 - 2015 - 3,700 Tons
Vietnam Cassia Production in 2013 - 2014 - 3,400 Tons

Vietnam Cassia Production in 2015 - 2016 is expected to be around 3,500 Metric Tons, Excluding 300 Metric Tons carry forward stocks from the last year crop of 2014 - 2015. Hence bringing the total availability of Cassia from Vietnam up to 3,800 Metric Tons for year 2015 – 2016

ROYAL SPICES Supplying Cassia All Year Round From Vietnam to Worldwide Destinations and Market.

ROYAL SPICES is one of the Leading Exporters of Cassia in the world. Due to the high quality of raw material and an efficient monitoring during the process of selection and cleaning. We are available to offer our customers the best quality Cassia from Vietnam. Our advanced selection process allows to classify the Cassia in accordance with its color and its size, resulting this in our well known brands.

Cassia Tube | Cassia Split | Cassia Broken

Vietnam is one of the Best Source for High Quality Cassia. Royal Spices Processing Lines in the southern city of Saigon. We Process the Cassia to make it one of the Best Cassia Quality in the World, Our Cassia available in Split, Tube and Broken. We are Exporting Premium Quality Cassia from Vietnam to our Buyer’s worldwide. Royal Spices Exporting Cassia in 3 forms, we are Supplying Cassia Tube, Cassia Split and Broken Cassia from Vietnam with International Quality Standards. We are Export Cassia to Taiwan, India, USA, Thailand and Netherlands.

The price of Vietnamese Cassia is fairly high as compared to Indonesian Cassia. Vietnamese Cassia is considered as being the most aromatic of all other origins of Cassia. The oil content of our Vietnamese Cassia is very high. Experiences and Quality Control are two Strong points that make us confident in Exporting and Supplying Vietnamese Cassia to our Buyer’s around the word. With Experience, we know what our Buyer’s need and how we complete it through our Processing Lines; we Supply Cassia products that meet our Buyer’s requirements.

Vietnam produces Cassia for Domestic use and Export. The Vietnam War disrupted production, but since the beginning of the early 21st Century Vietnam has resumed Export of the Spice, including to the United States, where it was unavailable for nearly 20 years. Vietnam produced Cassia in the area around the southern city of Saigon. Cassia is also Produce in some other regions of Vietnam, mainly in Yen Bai, Thanh Hoa and Quang Nam Provinces where the soil and the weather are very favourable for growing high quality Cassia.

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